Non-Diet Approach


Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not the key to good health.  We are exposed to more digitally enhanced images of bodies than ever before, with a significant emphasis placed on physical appearance.  Many of us get caught up in searching for the perfect diet, exercise regime, or in more severe cases, surgical intervention in order to achieve a slimmer, thinner, “healthier” body.  The dieting industry is a multi-million pound business.  There are hundreds of weight loss packages available to chose from.


The problem with diets is this….in the long term, they don’t work.  95% of people who go on a diet fail.  People often feel that they have failed the diet, when in actual fact, the diet failed them. Restrictive eating often relates to nutritional deficiencies, low self esteem, poor body image and can result in binge eating. Going on a diet is the number 1 trigger for an Eating Disorder.

blood-pressureIt is well publicised that rates of obesity are putting a significant strain on our National Health Service.  Not a day goes by without mention of the current “health crisis” and “obesity epidemic”.  So what’s the answer?  Another diet? Evidence shows that repeated yo-yo dieting, also known as weight cycling, is far more harmful to health than remaining in an ‘Obese’ weight range.  It is however possible to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes that significantly improve our health, regardless of weight loss.  This includes physiological measures such as blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity.

thrive-approachThrive believes it is unethical and misleading to promote weight loss techniques which in the long term, can do more harm than good.  Thrive therefore takes a non-diet approach.  This evidence-based method puts health and well-being as the focus of any dietary and lifestyle changes, rather than the number on the scales. Nutrition mentoring helps people find a more relaxed relationship with food and their bodies.  It is possible to nurture a positive relationship with your body, mind, and food.  Let Thrive show you how!

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